Granting Ad-hoc Access to Drupal Content (Nodes)

16th June 2011 | Tags:

Drupal’s per­mis­sions sys­tem pro­vides suf­fi­cient flex­i­bil­ity to cre­ate an Edi­tor role or sim­i­lar, enabling a site user to review or option­ally edit con­tent prior to pub­li­ca­tion. But what if you sim­ply want to allow some­one to view unpub­lished con­tent on an ad-​hoc basis — per­haps you wish to get a col­league to look over a new blog post, for exam­ple — with­out hav­ing to cre­ate a role, or you sim­ply wish to restrict it to one par­tic­u­lar item of (unpub­lished) con­tent? Step for­ward Peek, which allows you to do just that. Sim­ply des­ig­nate a con­tent type “peek­able”, then depend­ing on the set­tings per-​content type, set your node as “peek­able” too. You can then grant a “peek” — a win­dow of time dur­ing which a spec­i­fied user can, by fol­low­ing a spe­cial link, gain read-​only access to that node. You can con­fig­ure an expiry time, the length of time it’s valid for and opt to be noti­fied when the con­tent is accessed. It’s a great lit­tle module.


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