JSON Web Tokens with Node.js and Express

An example application to accompany a Sitepoint article on using JSON Web Tokens (JWT), using Node.js and Express.

Drupal Jekyll Export

A Drupal module for exporting content into a format suitable for Jekyll.

Mobile ISBN Reader

A simple mobile application, built using the Ionic Framework and Cordova, for reading ISBN numbers on physical books using their barcodes. Once retrieved, the application uses the Goodreads API to retrieve the user rating for the book in question, along with a direct link to its dedicated page on Goodreads.

Drupal Markdownify

Integrates the Markdownify library into Drupal.

Less for Concrete5

A Concrete5 module for using Less.

Drupal Commerce Gift Certificates

A skeleton framework for implementing gift certificates in Drupal Commerce.

Face Detection with Node.js

A simple example of using OpenCV in conjunction with Node.js for performing face detection.

Block Extended Permissions

A Drupal module for increased granularity of permissions for the block system.


A simple application to accompany an article on PHPMaster (now part of Sitepoint).